Bringing Andmetics to the US Market

Andmetics launched as an ultra-motivated startup in Austria determined to bring precise hair removal to the masses from the comfort of their own home. While they quickly amassed a strong presence in Europe, they lacked US exposure and awareness. The priority was to get the brand into the drug channel in the US.

Key Issues Faced

  • Little to no brand equity or recognition in the US despite and innovative, high-quality product assortment.


  • Initiated a meeting with the CVS Beauty inline and Beauty on the Go buyer. Assisted Andmetics through a rigorous line review process.
  • Andmetics was awarded a slot in the BOTG POG in 4,000 CVS stores based on guidance and a strong program that was put together collectively with Powerplay.


  • Sold $131K and 12K units October-December, 2019.
  • Sold $95K and 9.5K units YTD (May 2020).
  • Andmetics soon became and continues to be a top 10 new SKU for CVS Beauty on the Go.
  • Will be a carry forward in to the 2020 Beauty on the Go POG in addition to expanding the assortment.