Speed to Market when it Matters Most

In 2013, PhoneSoap launched via Kickstarter paving the way for personal device sanitation in the category. Inspired by the sanitation process used in labs for medical devices, PhoneSoap’s use of UV-C technology to sanitize personal devices was unique. From 2015-2019 they were featured several times on Shark Tank, receiving backing from Shark Lori Greiner and placement on QVC, however had yet to reach their goal of landing on retail store shelves nationwide.

Key Issues Faced

Early in 2020, PhoneSoap found itself in the middle of a global pandemic with a uniquely relevant product, but no solidified path to mass retail. Despite their initial success in home shopping, they faced challenges made worse by the uncertainty in the market. In addition they had competition in the category, brick and mortar retail closures, a halt in face to face meetings with buyers, and a pause in new vendor set ups at many retailers.

Having not previously shipped to mass retailers such as Best Buy and Target, PhoneSoap’s supply chain was not ready. Powerplay was already engaged with retailers about PhoneSoap and together we were able to take advantage of the hyper-relevant product and demand.


  • After first meeting at CES in January 2020, Powerplay Retail became PhoneSoap’s agency and distributor
  • Positioned with the right product and the right resources, even in a time of uncertainty, PhoneSoap leveraged the strength of Powerplay’s Flexible Service Offerings to catapult them into retail
  • Powerplay Rep Group immediately received commitments from major retailers including Best Buy, and Target.
  • Powerplay Distribution was able to order product and ship to retailers on our vendor number, increasing speed to market to meet the demand with more retailers in the pipeline.


Phonesoap went from Kickstarter and Shark Tank, only being sold direct and on QVC to being launched on with additional retailers in the pipe in less than 8 weeks.

  • Launched Best Buy May 2020
  • Set in all Best Buy stores by October 2020
  • Launched Target in July 2020
  • Set in Target stores by October 2020
  • Launched with Powerplay Incentives in July 2020