Wonder Workshop

Building a Smart Marketplace Strategy for Wonder Workshop

Wonder Workshop inspires kids of all ages by giving them tools to imagine and invent the future. Their family of award-winning robots encourage hands-on play and learning to make creative problem-solving concrete and tangible. The brand previously had a retail footprint, and was trying to consolidate channels to improve profitability. They decided to move to the Amazon Marketplace Platform, and engaged Powerplay’s E-commerce team.

Key Issues Faced

  • Lack of sales potential and profitability due to consolidated retail strategy.
  • Amazon advertising efficiency was not strong.
  • Despite increased category demand as a result of the pandemic, the brand struggled to gain visibility.
  • Lack of knowledge of Amazon marketing vehicles.


  • Powerplay created all new advertising campaigns targeting STEM, distance learning, and other relevant keywords.
  • We also helped optimize listings by updating content to meet best-in-class listing scores.


  • Featured in coveted Amazon Editorials
  • Earned an Amazon “best of….” and is now the top-ranked STEM brand/SKU
  • As a result of our efforts, sell-through is up 100% year over year and ROAS has consistently been more than 10x.