Powerplay Retail

We connect the right brands with the right retailers. Flexible Service Offerings, speed to market, and hard work enable us to respond and evolve brands while navigating modern retail environments in-store and online.

Our Partnerships speak volumes

We’ve been doing this for a long time and have been fortunate enough to see our partners continue to grow.

Powerplay Retail is made up of four Flexible Service Offerings including our Rep Group, Direct, Distribution, and Incentives offerings. Each offering works on its own or comes together, always focused on continued growth.

Powerplay Rep Group launches and manages the best brands at the world’s largest retailers.

Powerplay Direct supports brand and retail partners across Amazon and other marketplaces by controlling, maintaining, and cleansing the channel to deliver the best product directly to shoppers.

Powerplay Distribution buys inventory, working directly with major retailers and end users covering the entire supply chain.

Powerplay Incentives offers our brands a unique growth opportunity through customized programming.

It takes more than a great product to break through and achieve

From management, operations, and product development, to brand building and marketing, a dedicated crew of senior talent, with a proven track record of accelerating growth in the ever-changing retail world.

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Retail experts, centered around gathering and analyzing mountains of data — down to the SKU — to help you perfect your product forecasting, meet your KPIs, unearth opportunities, manage risks, and fine-tune your business, all with an eye on ROI.

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We bring years of product and service experience developing strategies for every phase of the product life cycle. We get to know you, and we analyze your competitors, so we can craft a unique, differentiated positioning to help your products stand out.

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Operations experts from each Powerplay Flexible Service Offering work with brands to help them better understand internal retailer systems and uncover opportunities for growth. We work with supply chain and logistics teams to help our brands sell through while we continue to forecast inventory and shipping, and track all consumer insights that make both brands and retailers successful. We’re dedicated every day to ensuring an unparalleled customer experience while maximizing profitability.

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Our BI tools and years of experience help us develop market insights and consumer trends to help our brands differentiate in-store and online. Insights offer smart, responsive decisions that can inform everything from compliance and shipping to brand development and marketing.

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Growth Support

Powerplay Retail has a proven track record of delivering sustainable success to countless brands across numerous industries and retailers. Our services cover in-store and online integration with retailers or going direct to consumer. We manage supply chain and logistics needs or purchase inventory outright. Our partners never stop growing because we always find solutions to help them grow.

Powerplay Retail’s Operations team is with you every step of the way to provide end-to-end integrated channel management for brands needing support with in-store, online, or integrated sales.

Retailer Onboarding
We work with every major retailer in North America, which means we know their systems and processes so brands don't have to worry. We make sure our brands are set up and ready to move quickly and efficiently. At the beginning, our Operations team:
  • Organizes supply chain needs
  • Manages inventory levels
  • Completes item setups and onboarding
Brand Management
Once set-up, our Operations team works with brands and retailers across supply chain and logistics needs by supporting forecasting, inventory, and shipping. Inventory analysts work with the sales team for in-store and online retailers to make sure profits aren't being left on the table.
  • Monitors reporting 24/7
  • Provides excellent customer service
  • is nearly 1 to 1 ops to sales in order to support brands

GoPro Case Study

GoPro had been selling their action cameras in the specialty retail space for a few years gaining support from hardcore users and developing the brand in a very authentic way. GoPro has used Powerplay’s Rep Group, Direct, Distribution, and Incentives teams to grow the brand.

Go Pro Case Study

Powerplay Retail has a long, proven track record of contributing to the success of all types of brands across several different industries and retail partners.