How Amazon Has Changed the Way Consumers Shop and Businesses Sell​

It is no surprise that Amazon has changed the way that we shop. Amazon is convenient, time saving, and it provides reliably great satisfaction once the packages make it to our front doors. For many businesses, Amazon has turned into one of the biggest growth opportunities. According to Amazon’s Small Business Impact Report, half of the items purchased on Amazon have come from small and medium-sized businesses, and over 20,000 of those businesses had surpassed $1 million in sales in 2017 and have continued to grow ever since.

The opportunities are endless when it comes to growing your business on Amazon, and Powerplay’s team of Amazon experts know all the tips and tricks to make sure brands can make the most of the high-volume, traffic during events like Prime Day and the holiday season.

Preparing for Prime Day 2022

When Prime Day 2022 was announced for July 12-13th Powerplay and our brand partners had already been preparing for months. The process of planning for, and submitting Prime deals begins several months before the event dates are even made known. In light of the unknown timing, our teams rely on the historical performance data, trends, and other insights to help guide the promotional strategy for this big event. Other preparations like updating content, enhancing brand storefronts, and ensuring adequate inventory is available are also key components of the team’s diligent planning process and strong partnership with our brands.

On average, brands have 8 seconds to win the customer when they land on a listing, making it critical for our Amazon listings and storefronts to be optimized to communicate the right information for the search query to get the conversion. Properly made product detail and store pages are invaluable in taking advantage of the increased traffic during Prime Day and is why our team delivers best-in-class listings that drive conversion.

Leading up to the big day, our marketing team is actively pitching upcoming deals for our brands to key online publications and influencers to gain additional exposure and organic traffic from outside Amazon. Last year, similar strategies helped propel Bite away to the #2 Best Seller Rank.

Prime Day 2021 Bite Away Best Seller Rank

With all the preparation that we have been doing for Prime Day, what do we do now that prime day is here? How do we help our brands have their most successful Prime Day yet?

A look into Powerplay Direct on Prime Day

After months of prep work, the busiest days of the year are upon us, and the Powerplay team and our brands are ready to see all the hard work pay off. For the next two days, the team is laser focused ensuring that our advertising budgets are optimized and spending efficiently, inventory is in good standing, and that our accounts are in good health as well as keeping an eye on competitors and industry news of the day to make any opportunistic updates as the event goes on.

In many ways, Prime Day is one of our busiest days of the year, with checklists being checked and rechecked, and constant Slack chatter keeping the teams in sync, however in most cases the day tends to be relatively uneventful while we wait for the results to roll in, all thanks to the detailed planning and preparation.

The Aftermath of Prime Day

Even when Prime Day ends, the Powerplay Direct team’s work doesn’t stop. The team will continue to gather data and analyze reports and results to capture insights and learnings from the event. Then, before you know it, they’re leveraging those learnings to begin planning for the upcoming holiday season, and the rumored second Prime event coming this fall.

If you are interested to learn more about how Powerplay Direct can help accelerate your brand growth on Amazon and other marketplaces and increase sales during high-volume sales events like Amazon Prime Day, reach out to us today!