Loyalty and promotional programs that stand out from the crowd

Our deep relationships with high-demand brands provides exclusive access to hundreds of differentiated products on a dropship basis, with full personalization capabilities and EDI-enabled distribution.

Our partner brands

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Building brand appeal. Delivering incremental growth.

We continuously seek out high-demand premium brands and work closely with vendors to manage the specialty market with full personalization capabilities and unique product bundles.


Customized approach to brand growth.

Fulfillment &

450,000 square foot warehouse to manage all incentive program needs.


Maximizing metrics, inventory, and planning for ongoing success.


Full suite of solutions developed to deliver on incentive programs.

Deep relationships.
Unique positioning.

Deep relationships with premium brands

EDI - enabled distribution capabilities and services

End-to-end program management and support from internal operations team

Inventory management, logistics and supply chain support

Warehousing and dropship capabilities to support programs

Forecasting, monitoring, and optimization for targeted growth

Full customization of promotional materials

Flexible service offerings across Powerplay business

We work with brands to market and deliver their products as premium incentive offerings.

Image of warehouse shelves
We utilize open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to fulfill through multiple online platforms.
  • Full account / order management
  • Pick, pack, ship capabilities
  • Transportation management
We can personalize most of our extensive product assortment and accommodate custom orders of any size.
We continuously seek out new products unique to the incentive space and methods to improve how we bring them to market. We do this by:
  • Complete visibilty to account and activities
  • Outbound shipment tracking

Powerplay Incentives in action: GoPro

By highlighting GoPro cameras as a premium incentive for loyalty and rewards programs, Powerplay helped enhance their brand image and created a new source of customer demand.

Go Pro Case Study

Our team of experts

Alec Weber
Alec Weber
Operations Coordinator
Clay Merrigan
Clay Merrigan
John Orth
John Orth
Alissa Bolke
Alissa Bolke
Marketing Manager
Gretchen Olson
Gretchen Olson
VP of Operations
James Rieger
James Rieger
Connor Uzlik
Connor Uzlik
Chris Fleck
Chris Fleck
CFO & COO, Partner
Stacy Valdez
Stacy Valdez
Senior Accountant
Tanya Pade
Tanya Pade
Jeff Petschl
Jeff Petschl
Co-founder & Principal
Kevin Leisen
Kevin Leisen
Co-Founder & Partner - Incentives
Tracy Thie
Tracy Thie
Co-founder & Principal

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