Late 2009

Powerplay Retail got the line in Nov. of 2009. Up to this point, GoPro was still selling a Standard Definition camera to mostly specialty stores that catered to the action adventure crowd.

Early 2010

GoPro announced (Jan. 2010) the introduction of their first HD version of the camera, this changed everything.

Mid 2010

By the summer of 2010 we convinced Best Buy to give us 10 stores. We built an end cap that we were asking each of the stores to set aside space for. The test was a HIT!

Holiday 2010

For holiday, we launched a shipper with an HD camera and 8 accessories. It was a huge success and sold out in most stores the same week it was set!

January 2011

After the success of the holiday shipper, we launched the first GoPro video display in ALL Best Buy Stores.

May 2012

Target launches their first in-store endcap, which the Target guest embraced.

October 2012

GoPro launches HD Hero3, passing $500 million in total revenue.

September 2013

We took the in-store experience to a new level with the launch of the 12ft Monolith display in 53 Best Buy doors.

October 2014

The 12ft Monolith display was rolled out to 500 doors and then by September 2015 we were in all 1060 stores.

Mid 2016

Began participating with refurbished products on Amazon

July 2018

Started to support GoPro in Distribution fulfillment of 12 key customers!

Why GoPro Came to Us

Powerplay Rep Group

GoPro had been selling their action cameras in the specialty retail space for a few years while gaining support from hardcore users and developing the brand in a very authentic way.  As they prepared to launch the first true HD Action Camera in early 2010, it was time to expand the brand in-stores for maximum exposure.

Key Issues Faced

  • In 2010, the GoPro team was very small and lacked experience selling to larger retailers.
  • Operations was another area where the GoPro team needed help when it came to working with big box retailers.
  • GoPro only had data from the core users of the product and needed better feedback from the general public to determine if the product had widespread appeal.


  • Successfully sold Best Buy on a 10-store test with stores spread across the country to better evaluate acceptance of the brand and the concept of capturing and sharing your greatest moments.
  • In the summer of 2010, we launched an endcap. Within 60 days we knew we were on to something that Best Buy could scale.
  • Worked with the Digital Imaging team at Best Buy to focus on the best way to launch the brand at retail without waiting until the spring of 2011.
  • Became one of the only products to ever get a holiday shipper to all Best Buy locations during the 2010 holidays without having placement in Best Buy retail stores.
  • A major success during the holiday with our shipper lead to an all-store launch in the spring of 2011.
  • Once we had success at Best Buy to prove consumer acceptance, we focused on Target which clearly has a different customer.
  • We launched at Target with an endcap in 2012 and their guests embraced the brand and product.
  • In late 2012, GoPro launched the hugely successful Hero 3 and the company passed US$500 million in total revenue.
  • We approached Best Buy in early 2013 with the idea of a 12-foot Monolith display to demonstrate the power of the brand and depth of accessories.  They approved the new display in 53 stores only to roll out to all stores over the next 18 months.


  • Successfully launched Best Buy and Target.  Worked with the merchant teams to develop and roll out a number of different in-store POP.
  • Successfully launched new camera SKUs every year and added to the accessory lineup each year.
  • Helped GoPro grow and learn the operational side of doing business with big box retailers.
  • GoPro went public and became a billion dollar company by 2016.

Powerplay Direct

GoPro initially came to us to help with a controlled outlet for refurbished cameras. Since the start of our relationship, every Flexible Service Offering has been engaged to help GoPro grow.

Key issues faced

  • Launch new products on Amazon Renewed
  • Driving traction to Renewed listings
  • Manage feedback and ads to effectively increase Best Sellers Rank
  • Mitigate rogue sellers selling counterfeit or non-manufacturer refurbished goods


  • Launched new products on Amazon Renewed
  • Drove additional web traffic to renewed listings
  • Managed feedback and advertising to gain Best Sellers Rank
  • Minimized rogue sellers cannibalizing the GoPro name


  • 5+ refurbished cameras landed and maintained position in Amazon’s top 500 camera and photo products
  • 4+ star review average across cameras

Powerplay Distribution

GoPro was looking for a partner to take over distribution for many of their mid-tier accounts in order to offload some operating expenses and focus the team on sales and marketing.

Key Issues Faced

  • Logistics, warehousing and fulfillment have become more complex and costly across the industry
  • Ongoing management of smaller accounts was becoming more difficult to effectively and efficiently operate


  • Transitioned 13 accounts to Powerplay Distribution from GoPro in July 2018
  • Loaded up and stocked the full assortment consisting of 70+ SKUs
  • Implemented GoPro’s procedures and practices to successfully ship products and successfully ship and manage the fall new device launch
  • Managed promotional credits and MDF support on behalf of GoPro
  • Managed GoPro’s authorized return policy and the flow of RMAs from customer through supply chain to GoPro


  • Successfully onboarded all 13 accounts with no disruption to the business
  • Executed the fall release of 3 new GoPro devices
  • Shipped 250+ orders in 2018 during the first 6 months of operations
  • Grew accounts under management upwards of 20%+ through increased speed to order, inventory availability, and added selling time both from GoPro and the Powerplay Distribution team