Bringing Gourmia to In-store Retailers

Gourmia was the fastest growing small kitchen electric brand in 2018 with significant distribution across in-store and online channels.  As with all brands, continued growth was critical, but doing so without disrupting the current market or adding another online-only account was important to the brand.

Key Issues Faced

  • Continued growth without disrupting the current market and channel partners


  • Introduced them to the specialty market and incentive platform
  • Opened doors for Gourmia to reach thousands of untapped customers that didn’t exist before


  • Accomplished rollout of new channels without cannibalizing existing markets or any pricing dilution
  • Achieved the brand’s goals of continued growth by removing the added expense of drop shipping
  • Gourmia’s incentive sales are now a sizable portion of their sales that are included in their annual company forecast.