A Full-Service Solution

As single-use plastic reduction or elimination legislation is gaining more traction across the United States, Powerplay Retail and The International Fusion Corporation have teamed up to provide a full-service sourcing solution for retailers in need of sourcing reusable, sustainable bag solutions that comply with local requirements and are available now. 

Why It Works


With Powerplay’s broad reach of retail partners and distribution capabilities paired with Fusion’s product design and development knowhow and responsible sourcing and factory relationships, the partnership unlocks capabilities to support retailers in providing sustainable, owned brand and private label solutions at affordable price points.

Customized, turnkey service plans are now available to meet retailer’s specific needs including the support of experienced retail operations teams, product testing and compliance, packaging and display services, high volume production capacity, distribution, and efficient freight pack-out and planning. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our custom bag program, contact us below!

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