Amazon Prime Day: Preparation and Payoffs

Now that the dust has settled, shipments have gone out, and packages have landed on the doorsteps of hundreds of thousands of Amazon customers, let’s dive into the outcomes of July Prime Day. According to Businesswire, prime members saved over $1.7 Billion during the July 2022 event, which is more than any other Prime Day before. On average, Prime members in the U.S. purchased more than 60,000 items per minute. 

Prime Day wasn’t just a win for Amazon and its customers, but for retail overall as Adobe Digital Economy Index data indicated that U.S. online consumer spend across retailers reached $11.9 billion, or an 8.5% increase in profit year over yearChain Storage Age stated that “58% of items sold were priced at $20 or less, which could be an early indication of consumer spending thresholds as we approach the holiday shopping season.”

While Prime Day took place in July, planning for the Powerplay Direct Team began in February. Our unique position as a distributor, importer, and end-to-end marketplace team paid off for many of our brand partners, delivering double- and triple-digit comparables over last year. By working months in advance, the direct team was able to handle any surprise situation quickly and effectively. 

How Did We Prepare? 

Before Prime day was even a thought in consumers minds, the Direct team had their focus on forecasting sales and anticipating promotions and deals months in advance to properly plan long lead time import business with our brand and manufacturing partners. The team needed to ensure that current supply chain complexities would not impact a key seasonal event. Preparation started early and was key to the success by planning everything from replenishment strategy and sales forecasts to the makeup of lightning deals, best deals, 7-day deals and coupons.



A great example is how the team enhanced the content below for Nextbase to clearly articulate the key selling points right in the image to ensure the customer understands the product features without having to scroll further down the page and risk abandonment. Everything from the assortment planning of bundles and promotions, to the content, to the Amazon advertising and display retargeting strategy was overhauled as we headed into the key summer drive time with Prime Day right in the middle to accelerate momentum.


As the seasonal event quickly approached, the focus became enhancing content and maintaining product detail pages in order to effectively educate consumers upon landing on a listing during the event. This has become even more important in recent years with customers shifting their online shopping habits primarily to mobile. According to Remazing, the customer should be able to fully understand the product and its features primarily through the visual aspects as the images will take up a large portion of their mobile screen.

Launching over 10 deals across the assortment, increasing ad spend and impression reach, and optimizing content catapulted the 622GW Dash cam near the top 50 for best seller rank in an extremely competitive and promotional category. As a result, the brand saw an increase in sales by 27X week over week! This goes to show that Prime Day really can make a big difference and show a large increase in sales, which then goes on to create a halo effect and drive better organic sales growth coming out of the promotional period.

Another content strategy the team focused on leading up to the big event was the Amazon Brand Storefronts. The Minnetonka Moccasin storefront below is a great example of how we updated the imagery to fresh, relevant content that focused on best-selling products and key SKUs that we wanted to move for the summer season. 


It’s All About Results

Throughout Prime Day, the team was keeping a close eye on the performance of each of our brands, monitoring sales, and looking at big wins like best seller ranks, Amazon Choice badges, Amazon Live mentions, and other key Amazon badges of honor. Some honorable mentions included:

One of our top selling brands, Back to the Roots received the coveted #1 Best Seller rank in Vegetables Plants and Seeds. 

Capsule Supplies earned the “Amazon Choice” badge. According to AMZscout, The Amazon Choice Badge is given to Products that best match the target keyword that a customer searches on Amazon. 

Another great win goes to Westinghouse 34” LED TV. It was picked up organically by an Amazon Live Influencer and was featured in their live stream.

Monster saw an impactful lift in sales during Prime Week as well, with units sold doubling week over week during the event!

The journey didn’t stop there. In the weeks following the massive selling event, our warehouse and reverse logistics teams not only fulfilled thousands of orders, but also prepped for a large uptick in returns.

Overall, our holistic approach and scope of services ensured that all key components of a complex online business were flawlessly executed. Inventory & supply chain planning, advertising & promotions, brand protection, content optimization, and our distribution teams all worked together to deliver phenomenal results for many of our key brand partners this most recent Prime Day.


If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help your brand grow and fully benefit during Holiday 2022 and other key shopping periods, or if you have any questions about how we can partner with you to accelerate your brand growth and direct to consumer sales strategy, contact us today!