Powerplay Rep Group

Bringing brands and retailers together

Powerplay Rep Group has more than 300 combined years of experience creating and executing customized go-to-market plans for the best brands at the biggest retailers.

We never stop working for your success.

Powerplay Rep Group delivers end-to-end integrated channel management supporting brands and retailers, in-store and online, to maximize results.

Brand Set Up

Systems Expertise

Content Optimization

Strategic Partnership

Additional Services

Brand Set Up

Our team of retail experts know the setup process for every retailer start to finish, in any portal, plus EDI.

Systems Expertise

We have the know-how to complete or guide our partners efficiently through all tasks within retailer systems.

Content Optimization

We look across all channels to optimize and maximize sales with top-tier content.

Strategic Partnership

We’ll collaborate on forecasting and inventory management and review sales analytics for actionable insights to drive sales.

Additional Services

Retail experts assist with in-store merchandising services, comp shops and more to maximize in-store sales.

Unmatched capabilities, unlimited flexibility.

With broad capabilities and deep understanding across all aspects of sales and operations, the Powerplay Rep Group does whatever it takes to help each brand succeed.

  • Brand Setup

    We work with every major retailer in North America and know their systems inside and out. Our 3:1 Sales to Ops support structure means we get brands ready to move quickly by:

    • Organizing supply chain needs
    • Managing inventory levels
    • Completing item setups and onboarding
  • Brand Management

    We support brands and retailers with forecasting, inventory, and shipping. Our operations analysts work with retailers to ensure profits aren't left on the table by:

    • Monitoring reporting 24/7
    • Providing excellent customer service
    • Maintaining a nearly 3:1 ops-to-sales ratio

Our Team of Experts

From forecasting and planning, to inventory and supply chain management, to ongoing monitoring and reporting, our team provides end-to-end expertise and support to maximize retail opportunities.

  • Nathan Eilas

    Staff Accountant

  • Lisa Pauly

    Sales Account Manager

  • Mike Blanchard

    VP of Technology and Security

  • Nick Padilla

    Director of Retail Media

  • Lucas Olson

    Operations Analyst

  • Max DeWolf

    Growth Specialist

  • Amanda Urbanski

    Human Resources Manager

  • Kathy Anderson

    Director of Purchasing

  • Allison Raimann

    Operations Analyst

  • Laura VanValkenburg

    SVP & Head of Sales

  • Summer Palmer

    Marketing Project Manager

  • Molly Dunham

    Operations Analyst

  • Alex McNamara

    Sr. Accountant

  • Sloan Myers

    Staff Accountant

  • Allie Silber

    Account Manager

  • Zack Mann

    Growth Manager

  • Katie Ryan

    Marketing and Content Coordinator

  • Gabrielle Solberg

    Operations Coordinator

  • Jake Jacobs

    Senior Account Manager

  • Courtney Borix

    Senior Account Manager

  • Christie Johnson


  • Mary Stephens

    Senior Operations Analyst

  • John Orth

    VP of Finance

  • Jody Morris

    Senior Operations Analyst

  • Daniel L. Stark

    Director of Rep Operations

  • Steve Skavnak

    VP of Sales

  • Maggie Arnold

    VP of Sales

  • Chris Fleck

    CFO, Partner

  • Stacy Williams

    Senior Accountant

  • Nicole Eich

    Senior Operations Analyst

  • Tanya Pade

    Accounting Manager

  • Bridget Leibold

    Revenue Analyst

  • Jeff Petschl

    President & Co-Founder

  • Kevin Leisen

    Director of National Accounts

  • Jess Beasley

    Senior Director of Rep Operations

  • Tracy Thie

    Co-founder & Principal

  • Connor Uzlik

    Systems Manager

  • James Rieger

    Senior Accountant

  • Gretchen Olson


  • Alissa Bolke

    Director of Marketing

Brands We’ve Grown

We’re experts at strategic planning that accelerates time to market and expands sales channels, along with data-driven business management that optimizes execution and control. Here are just some of the world-class brands we’ve helped launch and grow.

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