Top Products Our Team is Loving this Valentine's Day

Love is in the air so we asked our team for some of the top products they are giving their sweethearts this year! From keeping it warm and cozy and organizing your notes, to keeping your air clean and the night bright, check out our top picks!


1. Earthgrade Reusable Washable Paper Tote


Where To Find It: Earthgrade Reusable Washable Paper Tote

Why We Love It: Nothing feels better than showing a little love to Mother Earth this Valentine’s Day, and Earthgrade washable paper totes are the perfect way to do it. Available in multiple sizes, these aren’t your average paper bags. They are made of plant-based material, are washable, reusable, and ultra-sustainable as they are recyclable and one tote can replace up to 82 plastic bags. 

2. reMarkable 2 Paper Tablet, Marker Plus, & Folio Bundle


Where To Find It: reMarkable Paper Tablet, Marker Plus, & Book Folio Bundle

Why We Love It: Meet the paper tablet that redefines note-taking, reading, and reviewing documents, with a paper feel never experienced before on a digital device. Make your handwritten notes easy to reuse by converting them into typed text. Handwriting conversion supports 33 languages, cursive and block letters and you can share your converted love notes via email! No notifications, pop-ups, or social media, so you can find the focus to do your best work. 

3. Embr Wave 2 Hot Flash Relief Wristband


Where To Find It: Embr Wave 2 in Rose Gold

Why We Love It: Clinical research has shown that wearing the Embr Wave wristband gives you immediate relief from hot flashes and improves sleep. At the touch of a button, your sweetheart can get precisely calibrated cooling or warming sensations to help you find relief and have more control over your hot flashes and related menopause symptoms like night sweats, chills, and disrupted sleep.

4. Minnetonka Camp Tie Indoor/Outdoor Moc

Untitled design (11)

Where To Find It: Minnetonka Women’s Camp Tie Moc – Cozy Slippers with Durable Sole

Why We Love It: Phil says we’ve still got more a few more weeks of winter so there’s still plenty of time to cozy up with a warm pair of slippers.  The Camp Tie Moc is a long-standing favorite and for good reason. The cushioned footbed, durable sole and soft suede keep you warm whether you’re cuddled up on couch or walking around town.

5. Northern Knitwear Merino Wool Winter Cap


Where To Find It: Northern Knitwear Merino Wool Winter Cap


Why We Love It:  When style meets sustainability, we’re in 100%. These hats are made from the softest Merino wool, perfect to keep you warm through these last weeks of winter. Made in the USA, sustainably sourced and available in a variety of colors, these unisex hats are as stylish as they are warm. 

6. Westinghouse Humidifier and Air Purifier All in One Combo


Where To Find It: Westinghouse Humidifier and Air Purifier All in One Combo with Smart Humidity Sensor Control

Why We Love It: These long winter months indoors can take a toll on your body and health. That’s why we love this Westinghouse humidifier and air purifier combo that adds comfortable, sanitized moisture to your home or workspace for better skin, better sleep and even healthier house plants! 

7. Infinity X1 Highland Series 4000L Flashlight


Where To Find It: Infinity X1 Highland Series 4000L Flashlight

Why We Love It: You can never be too prepared for an emergency, and Infinity X1’s line of innovative lighting products make it easy. The dual power cores give you the option for infinite rechargeable power or traditional battery backup options so you’re loved one will never be left in the dark.